Academic Program

The Academic Program

A stage when the toddler is curious about everything around him.
Pre- School (Kindergarten)

Our early childhood program emphasizes child centric, self directed experiential learning & is concerned with the whole child, its intellectual progress as well as its social, emotional, creature & physical well being. It provides children with a rich stimulating, enriching environment where each child is nurtured. Concrete experiences in a number of areas are provided for children of this age through experiential learning, through practical life experiences & through language experiences. In our early childhood program we adopt the way as children learn naturally. They learn best in a relaxed ambience, where they can freely & recreationally explore and implore their environment with joy.

Experiential learning :
  • Provide a whole new rhythm to learning
  • Stimulates learning, advances brain development
  • Serves as an outlet for every child’s innate creativity
  • Develops language skills & expressions.
  • Prepares children for life.
  • Develops logical problem solving skills
  • Encourages lifelong learning
  • Teaches the application & transfer of knowledge.
  • Helps the child to focus.

A stage when the child starts to learn & understand new concepts and ideas.

The goal of Junior year program is to lay a strong educational foundation. It is broadly based & takes into account the fact that each one enters the formal education with different level of readiness. The curriculum is planned to develop in the students a respect & love for learning, while giving them the strong basic skills, which they will need to continue their education Emphasis land on building up language skills in English. Through projects & by earning with hand, heart & head the pupils will develop all aspects of their personality. There are child centered activities designed by Research and Development Department team under NCF guidelines wherein the concepts are introduced taking prior knowledge and discussion related the same with students. The concepts are well explained via audio visual also. Role play also enhances deeper learning. Role play enhances deeper learning in order to develop critical thinking.  At the Junior School level, the focus is on the development of oral as well as written expression, creative writing, critical thinking and mathematical skills.


We follow an experiential learning strategy because we believe students will have deeper understanding of the concept when given hands on experience. Related Excursions are also planned.

Once children are given a taste of knowledge, their curiosity and yearning knows no bounds. They seek answers to all their questions. They sample different subjects to understand what they like the most. They experiment with different activities to discover where their interest lies. And they devour every source of information to pacify their hunger for learning. This is the stage when it’s most important to develop a foundational knowledge that will help them scale the heights of success at the SENIOR School level.

The Middle School (Grade VI-VIII) at Petals World School is abuzz with activity. Well-qualified and experienced mentors help instill a love for subjects, and encourage them to have an investigative mind to explore the many knowledge banks that open up. Regular assessments and assignments help optimize the learning experience


At Petals World School students are trained to acquire organizational and analytical skills and also gain confidence for year end examinations. We emphasize a structured learning process, where the teacher facilitates, inspires and imparts a strong practical slant to the entire learning experience. Utilize many varied and interactive teaching methods, including cutting-edge technology to stimulate different areas of intelligence. We make each child responsible for themselves and ready to create a position as a leader in the new economic.

  • Emphasis on high academic achievement for each student through personal coaching
  • Well-organized academic year with strategically planned coaching and assessments
  • High importance to leadership skills, team work and vocational counseling
  • Amplified teacher-parent interaction to closely monitor academic progress

An inherent part of our curriculum comprises the multifarious activities that serve to kindle and ignite the latent creativity in each one of our students. Inter – school events, Inter – House competitions and Intra – class activities provide ample opportunities to our children to demonstrate their prowess in various fields –Scholastic as well as Co- Scholastic. Adding international dimensions to our approach towards preparing our children to become global citizens, we have partnered with schools in the United Kingdom to execute projects on varied themes on a collaborative basis.

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