Our Approach

Petals World School will strive to work on few parameters:

1. We will teach empathy, respect and care for others.

2. We will prepare them to accept defeat & failure

3. A child will be allowed to excel in creativity & imagination

4. We will emphasis them to work towards being ambassadors for change by adopting best practices.

5. We will teach students to respect our surroundings & people all across.

6. We will work on their skills, which the students already possess.

7. We promise to listen to the students carefully and encourage them to share their views.

8. Teaching and learning will be observed carefully on how they learn best.

9. We will help them to become even better in what they are already good at.

10. We will always challenge them to try difficult things and to learn new things.

11. We will help them relate to others without bullying or without being bullied.

12. We will teach them how to cooperate well with others.

13. We promise students to always utilize the latest techniques, to prepare them for tomorrow’s world.

14. We will prepare them for the world outside the school arena

15. Communication & soft skills will be given paramount importance

16. We will ensure that a child comes to Petals to learn and leaves to achieve

Teachers :

1. Teachers at Petals work with passion.

2. Every teacher tries to understand the students Emotional Quotient (EQ), Social Quotient (SQ) and Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

3. Teachers are open to new ideas.

4. Will help each student to create his/her own identity

5. Values will be aligned with the vision of the school.

Our pedagogy at Petals lay’s emphasis on :

1. Explaining children why they need to be taught something.

2. Leading students towards Self-Concept and self-direction.

3. Prior experiences as a rich resource for learning

4. Making instructions more interesting by comparisons with real life experiences

5.Achieve the full potential of students with active learning concepts.

Parents :

1. Parents will be the main stakeholders.

2. Parents will be informed about their child’s progress periodically.

3. Parents inputs will always be kept in mind.

4. Teacher and parents will work in unison.

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