Environmental Club

Water Audit: The Water Audit Program is a real-world and relevant STEM education program. Through the application of science and mathematics, students investigate and quantify water use at school. They study technological ways to reduce water use and they install water efficient fixtures. They engineer and implement water conservation solutions. Student groups share their findings, ideas, and recommendations with other students and adults alike.

Energy Audit: An energy audit is designed to help you understand your energy use and provide realistic recommendations for reducing greenhouse gas emissions. There are two types of audits:

  1. A walk through audit to give you basic recommendations for conserving energy.
  2. A comprehensive report detailing greenhouse gas emissions with recommendations on how to save energy.

Vermi-Compost: It enables students to learn about organic decomposition, the soil food web, and the relationship between earthworms and ecological sustainability. Vermicomposting is the perfect fit for students to learn about habitats and ecosystems.

Recycling: We provide free waste and recycling talks, assemblies and hands-on activity sessions to educate children about why we need to recycle. We will explain what happens to recyclables once they have been collected from homes and schools.

Recycling also contributes to achieving other initiatives such as Eco Schools and Sustainable Schools.

No Plastic Zone: It  is a positive, investigative, action-packed vision for stopping plastic pollution at source. The programme will empower pupils to not only tackle unnecessary single-use plastics in their school but inspire Industry and Government to make positive strategic steps in the same direction.

Disaster Management: Under this programme, the students learn about safety measures, thus becoming future disaster managers, while a disaster resilient society is built by way of educating the community.

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